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While it's known that VCs invest in young or expanding companies, how many know of the role the VCs promise to play in building the companies? > more
Your startup is growing. You finally have cash flow. Time to enjoy?
Not if you raised venture capital. > why?
> VC business model
> VC investment process
"Pricing? I would say it’s about 20% of a Term Sheet, but most entrepreneurs think it’s 80-90%,” said Avnish Bajaj, Matrix Partners. “There are a lot of other things that should be almost as important to the entrepreneur as valuation." What are they? > more
Sample term sheet 1   Sample term sheet 2   > Sample deal: Ordyn   > Sample deal: Accutest
> Is the highest price best price?
> What do VCs look for?
> Biz plans-waste of time?
> Back a 1st time entrepreneur?
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> Balaji Srinivas, Aureos Capital
> Kanwaljit Singh, Helion Ventures
> Alok Mittal, Canaan Partners
> Avnish Bajaj, Matrix Partners India
> Bharati Jacob, Seedfund
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"Venture Capital is about finding a real set of people who wake up everyday with the same dream. You like their passion, you believe that those dreams are doable and you support them. In the process you end up supporting some percentage of their company." - Balaji Srinivas, Aureos Capital
> Do all good companies raise VC?
> Angel or VC funding- what do you need?
> What alternatives are there to VC?
> Cash flow crisis
> Teaching Example: VC business model
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> Raising money and valuation
> Sources of funds
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> Pooling in finances
> Friends & family - first source of capital
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A comprehensive database of VCs- where to find them and where they invest.
> Private - Indian funds (33)
> Private - Global funds (25)
> Government funds (23)
> Banks (11)
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A collection of over 150 links - everything you need to know about Venture Capital worldwide.
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