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The 21st century way to win favours with God - how many companies can claim that for their products?

Company : Sacred Moments | Industry :


Even mothers get it wrong sometimes. But as Color Lines proves, when motherhood and entrepreneurship come together, it's great business.

Company : Color Lines Inc. | Industry : Export

Healthcare / Pharma

When this couple saw the possibilities from merging their two fields of study, they didn't hesitate. The result a breakthrough technology that helps pharma companies in the drug discovery methods.

Company : Cellworks Group Inc. | Industry : Healthcare / Pharma

A patient takes his X-ray in a US hospital. Within half an hour, his report is ready. Incidentally, the report came from India - from the HQ of Telerad.

Company : Teleradiology Solutions | Industry : Healthcare / Pharma

Hospitality/ Service / Travel

Would you be able to resist delicious roadside food - if it were hygienic? Dheeraj Gupta, the Jumbo Vada Pav King, bet you couldn't. Now every day, at least 40,000 people prove him right.

Company : Jumbo King Foods Pvt. Ltd. | Industry : Hospitality/ Service / Travel

It's not every day that IIM graduates opt out of placements to start a company. And it's rare to find an opportunity to feed one's passion and play into major growth trends. BrewHaHa does just that!

Company : Brewhaha | Industry : Hospitality/ Service / Travel

He sold his call centre business to plunge into food. But instead of starting from scratch, Ashish Chand decided to go the franchise route - saving himself over a year.

Company : Crazy Noodles | Industry : Hospitality/ Service / Travel

Three young BITSians decided enough was enough: no more missing Diwali at home because buying a bus ticket was such a hassle.

Company : redBus.in | Industry : Hospitality/ Service / Travel

IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

Five years ago, could you use your phone to do your banking? Book a movie ticket? Today, telephone services are a $25 billion market today, and growing fast. Amdale helps make it all possible.

Company : Amdale Software Technologies | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

Keep an 'I' on your child

Company : CEON Solutions | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

Imagine meeting your friends online and exchanging notes on the internet! Well, social networking websites are on the roll, but are they lucrative?

Company : Minglebox.com | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

Sometimes, starting a business is more about the determination to break out on one's own, than about chasing a great opportunity.

Company : Pennywise Solutions | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

Who knew there were so many EPL match fans dying to sms at 2 am? With over 6,000 users chatting through 60,000 sms's everyday, Activ Mobs founders are ready for the next stage: to quit their day jobs.

Company : Activ Mobs | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

With the recent entry of ad networks, the face of Indian online advertising is changing. And Tyroo is one of the forerunners. Founder Harish Bhal tells you more

Company : Tyroo | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

How many friends have you recently made online? Ever wondered how you share photos, videos and the latest gossip with one click?

Company : Tekriti Software | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

When these senior executives at leading banks saw the opportunity to provide out-sourced financial services, they didn't hesitate.

Company : Adventity | Industry : IT / Internet / Telecom / BPO

Media / Entertainment / Events

So, do you wear your Reeboks because Shah Rukh Khan wore them in Main Hoon Naa? Yes? That's what's fueling MATES's growth.

Company : MATES | Industry : Media / Entertainment / Events

Big. Exciting. Growing. Welcome to Showbiz! But behind the footlights, it's a tough business. Staying alive takes quick thinking, flexibility, and lots of relationships, as Vikram Kakkar demonstrates.

Company : Wize Mindz | Industry : Media / Entertainment / Events

Mobile payments and security

Entrepreneur Sanjay Swamy's award-winning product mChek makes the mobile wallet concept come real.

Company : mChek | Industry : Mobile payments and security

Recruiting/ HR/ Training

The sky is the limit in the human resource outsourcing industry, exclaims Kalpana.

Company : Beanstalk | Industry : Recruiting/ HR/ Training

They hire someone every four minutes - weekends included. In fact, in only four years, they have built TeamLease to the second largest private employer in India.

Company : TeamLease Staffing Solutions | Industry : Recruiting/ HR/ Training

So, are we on schedule? asks the American manager. Indian counterpart responds, "Yes, we're working very hard on it."

Company : Global Adjustments | Industry : Recruiting/ HR/ Training


Was it the velvety texture or the creamy darkness? What drove her chocolate-making hobby to a promising business within 18 months? The surprising answer: 'Packaging,' explained Rashmi.

Company : Rage Chocolatier | Industry : Retail

Spring Blossom grew out of a simple realization: most people don't see the flowers they send. And Laxmi realized this before anyone else did! Check out her blooming story

Company : Spring Blossoms | Industry : Retail

What would you prefer, if you were a larger woman: to purchase a pair of pants labeled 3XL, or something marked -1? Revolution built their business around such customer sensitivity.

Company : Revolution Clothing | Industry : Retail

Choosing the right mobile, finding accessories can be difficult if there's no one in the shop to help. MobileNXT brings high service to small town mobile buyers

Company : MobileNXT | Industry : Retail

No more traffic hassles and always the right shoes on hand, promises Big Shoe Bazaar, India's first online shoe retailer.

Company : Big Shoe Bazaar.com Pvt. Ltd. | Industry : Retail

Want to watch Om Shanti Om? Don't feel like stepping into traffic? Raghav Kher has the answer. Seventymm delivers the drama, comedy and mystery of your choice directly to your doorstep.

Company : Seventymm Services Pvt Ltd | Industry : Retail

Jay Gupta of The Loot, delivers what customers want most: DISCOUNTS. That too, 365 days a year!

Company : The Loot India Pvt Ltd | Industry : Retail

How often do you get to create the product you buy? Mukesh's brainchild Myntra lets you do just that. A bit of tweaking is all it takes to set up a one stop personalized product solutions company.

Company : Myntra Designs | Industry : Retail


Vir traveled miles from his hometown for his training; compromised on living conditions to save money for tournaments. So how did he make it to the Olympics?

Company : GoSports India Pvt. Ltd | Industry : Sports

Waste Management

Hidden under piles of garbage, Manik Thapar has uncovered a golden opportunity. Granted, organizing the waste management industry isn't easy, but Manik's Eco Wise is leading the way.

Company : Ecowise Waste Management | Industry : Waste Management