NEN Foundation Course

NEN Foundation Course is an intense, 5-day program that delivers the essentials in concepts, teaching methods, and tools for teaching entrepreneurship on campus. This course is designed so that the participants will be able run a wide range of exciting and engaging programs on their campuses, as soon as they finish the workshop.

The Course is developed by leading entrepreneurship faculty members from around India and the world, including London Business School, Stanford University, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad. The course is taught by some of the leading entrepreneurship faculty in India, with successful track records in building comprehensive, high-impact programs on their campuses.

Course Goals
Inspire and excite faculty members to teach entrepreneurship
Introduce entrepreneurship concepts and skills
Introduce the most effective entrepreneurship teaching methods
Provide engaging and exciting teaching tools, exercises and activities
Connect participants to national community of entrepreneurship educators
Course Content

Using both, case method and highly innovative experiential tools, the course will cover:

Idea generation, opportunity evaluation, sources of fund, essential elements of Business Plan and interviewing skills. The course will also address program development and impact assessment.

Course structure

The course is a 5 day intensive workshop. The course will be held at NEN member institutes in the different regions: North, South, East and West.

Course Faculty

Workshops are taught by leading entrepreneurship faculty from India like IIM, Calcutta, IIT, Kanpur, SCMHRD, Pune, Great Lakes Institute and Loyola College, Chennai, International Management Institute, Delhi, S P Jain Institute and K.J. Somaiya Institute, Mumbai and Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. Each workshop will be taught by two/three of the above faculties

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Once faculty has completed the certification requirements they may submit their materials and request review. Successful graduates of the course receive certification from NEN.

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All faculty members of NEN member institutes are eligible for the course. The selection will be based on the review of the NEN Faculty Development Course Application form, teaching background, goals, entrepreneurship knowledge and recommendation from the NEN Consultant.


The cost of the course is Rs. 10,000 per participant. However, full scholarships are available from NEN for eligible participants. The scholarships do not cover the costs of travel and lodging, if required.

Application forms

Application form for NEN Faculty Development Program and NEN Scholarship

To apply for the NEN Foundation Course and NEN Scholarship, please download the Application form for NEN Faculty Development Program and NEN Scholarship here, and mail it to the NEN office (address below). We will send you an e-mail informing about the course details within 10 days of the receipt of your application.

In order to make it possible for faculty members to participate in the NEN Faculty Development Courses in entrepreneurship education, NEN provides full scholarships to eligible participants.

NEN Foundation Course Certification Application Form

To apply for the NEN Foundation Course Certification, please download the Certification Application Form, and mail it to the NEN office (address below).

Mail Course Application & NEN Scholarship form to:

Debalina Datta
National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)
Villa 2, 1st floor, Regent Place, Thubarahalli,
Varthur Main Road, Bangalore- 560 066
Karnataka, India

T: (080) 4168 9194
F: (080) 4168 9195


For more information on the application process, please contact the NEN Education team

Debalina at or Smija at