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Advanced Seminar in Business Plan Writing
This course is designed to address the complex challenges of developing a plan for a new or innovative business opportunity. The course is practical in nature, applying concepts learned in other courses, including marketing, finance, and management.
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Leadership, Vision and Entrepreneurship
This module offered by IIT B attempts to give students an exposure to the most important issues facing innovative start-up companies. It also emphasizes the role and importance of business opportunity identification and assessment, business planning process and funding issues.
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Business plans in detail
Helps explain how to write a business plan covering the basics of business planning, format for presentation and the essential tips to make a plan attractive and interesting.
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Entrepreneurship Kickoff
This powerpoint summarizes three key topics in entrepreneurship- opportunity recognition, selling an opportunity and business plans.
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Basics of Writing a Business Plan
This note goes beyond discussing elements of a business plan. It lays down a very practical roadmap on how to go about creating the plan.
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