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Do Angels negotiate hard with entrepreneurs? What if you can't work out an agreement on ownership? > more
> Your business idea-to tell or not to tell?
What is Angel Investing?
When VCs say, "go prove the business model" or banks ask about profits and assets, who funds the new entrepreneur?
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> Quick facts: 7 things to know
Angels: India's New Saving Grace
What makes angel investors different? Is it the return on investment or a larger return?
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> Pradeep Gupta, Cyber Media Group
> Ramaraj R, Chennai Funds
> Sridar Iyengar, Bessemer Venture Partners
> Tripat Preet Singh, NEA - IndoUS Ventures
In depth: How to make your heavenly match
If only there were a straightforward way to meet an Angel - or a consistent set of deal terms. Unfortunately, Angel investors can be both one of the most important assets of a new company, and one of the most elusive.
> How to meet an Angel?   > What are Angels looking for?   > Best way to attract Angels?
> What are typical deal terms?   > How do Angels value startups?
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NS Raghavan, Nadathur Holdings
"There is always some way to convince a customer. Don't just try to meet the requirements. Find a different way."
> N S Raghavan makes cents   > Other Makes Cents
> Cash flow crisis: caselet
> Pooling in finances: video
> Sources of funds: presentation
> Raising money & valuation: ppt
> Friends & family - first source of capital
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List of Angel Investors
Download a database of angel investors and networks with names and contact details.
> List of Angels in India
> List of Incubators and STEPs in India
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More than 140 links on Angel Investing- everything from articles, news, investing guidelines to blogs.
> Reach out to Indian Angels
> Indian Angel Network
> Mumbai Angels
> Angel Journal
> Angels in the US
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