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Should teams fight?
R Balakrishnan (Balki) R Balakrishnan (Balki)
National Creative Director
Lowe India
It is important to be with the right set of people who to a certain extent share the same wavelength and chemistry. The worst thing for an entrepreneur is to surround himself with people who don't have a trip or a vision or anything common with each other. That's a disaster; because half the energy is spent on getting people to take this trip. One person may have the idea, but there has to be at least twenty people with similar wavelengths who can latch on to that idea and take it forward. That's how ideas are created. It is not done
by one person.
Raman Roy
Chief Executive Officer
Quatrro BPO Solutions
Raman Roy
“ If two people agree all the time, one of them is not thinking. ”

I encourage difference of opinions by not commenting on it, by staying silent. Because people have to disagree, they have to find their own space and their own solutions. That is creativity. And meeting halfway is a management methodology.

You have to allow people to differ as long as the disagreement is on the idea.

My biggest struggle is when the disagreement becomes personal. How does one stop it? I'm no genius to say that in my organization we only disagree on ideas and not on people. People tend to fight. Do we have issues? Yes, we do. But getting them to disagree but still find solutions to a business problem is

a way to nurture creativity.
Does diversity in the team affect creativity too?
Tina Seelig Tina Seelig
Executive Director
Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Diversity in the team develops creativity. People from different backgrounds and different attitudes bring in different perspective and areas of expertise. This helps in bringing together interesting ideas as opposed to having a
mono dimensional point of view.
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