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An amusing warm up exercise that helps participants to know each other.> Read More
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What are ideas and opportunities?
Take an idea, punch it, pull it, ask the right questions, and if it holds up - it's an opportunity. Find out the difference > more
> Is it a good idea? 5 questions to ask
Retail chain for junior tuners
Now kids can make their own toys, at Ridemakerz. Check out this customized idea.> Read business idea
Bright ideas
Should teams fight?
“ If two people agree all the time, one of them is not thinking. ”
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In depth: How to know- is this a good idea?
No other person should ever determine whether you pursue an idea or not. The only person who can figure out if it's a good idea is you. But you're not without help. London Business School Professor John Mullins' Seven Domains tool might just be the answer you've been looking for. > more
> Overview   > Attractive market?   > Attractive industry?   > Can the team deliver?
> Implementation   > Case Study: Nike
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> Fifty rupee venture
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> Idea evaluation- the seven domains
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> Design a Wallet
> Opportunity recognition guide
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Over 100 links having tools, databases, techniques and blogs on idea generation and opportunity evaluation.
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