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There are close to 40 million runners in the United States alone, according to Running USA, and it's a pretty safe bet than nearly all of them travel at least once in a while. When they do, City Running Tours can show them the sights while helping them get in their running time. City Running Tours was founded last year by Michael Gazaleh, a fitness enthusiast who wanted to share his love of running and passion for his native city with visitors to New York. Soon afterwards the company expanded to Chicago and Washington D.C.

City Running Tours provides both set tours and customized runs for any schedule, ability, regimen or desired route. During the exercise, running guides share insights into local history, landmarks and other attractions. The cost is USD 60 for the first six miles, and USD 6 per mile after that. In addition to an entertaining workout-the very definition of experience as product-customers get a City Running Tours t-shirt and a souvenir photo.

City Running Tours plans to start up in additional US locations soon, including a San Diego operation slated for debut next month, and is seeking individuals to partner with. Obviously, the concept is one that could be launched in cities across the world. After all, who wants to suffer through the hotel treadmill when they could take a brisk run in the city and see the sights at the same time?



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