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Start up entrepreneurs will find tips on making the right pitch to an investor, networking to find the perfect angel, crafting the business plan to make it investor-friendly and more.

If you are an angel investor or aspiring to be one, you will get to know all about investing in the right venture.



> Angel info from India (12)
> Angel networks: US, India and elsewhere (22)
> Articles: write-ups and news (30)
> Angel investors: perspectives & sources (13)
> Info: all you need to know about angel funding (18)
> How-to resources: text, audio, video (21)
> Blogs: discussions on angel investing (13)
> Books on angel investing (12)


> Reach out to Indian Angels
An attempt to bring together angel investors in India who are hard to find; the association encourages you to submit an executive summary of your business plan.
> Mumbai Angels
An interactive Indian forum that facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst investors and provides start-up entrepreneurs with an opportunity to come in direct contact with them.
> Indian Angels Network
Go shopping for Indian angels at this one-stop-shop for angels from various sectors from IT, IP, hospitality, internet, mobile, education and much more.
> Infinity Venture
An investment group running funds focused on Indian technology business and investments in cross-border technology companies.
> Indian Intelligence
Venture Intelligence is the provider of information and networking services to the private equity and venture capital ecosystem in India
> Angel writes
Ganesh Srinivasan's blog covering news, views and information from the growing arena of angel investing.
> Angel boost
An account of two Indian angel network groups on a quest to popularize and promote the nascent Angel funding culture in India. Also read the success stories of various angels.
> Techy Angels
A look at the dismal funding received by tech start-ups in India and a list of the latest deals that have been cracked in the field.
> Setting alarms
Regular updates on the angel funding scenario to fulfill your craving for angel information. This archive gives you news on angel funding raised by Indian video network, TheBig.
> Rise of the angel
Tracing the death and then the resurrection of angel investing and a meeting with the new breed of angels.
> Angels wanted
Hear from Ajit Balakrishnan, CEO, Rediff, on the dearth of investors and the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in finding angels to aid their dream project see the light of day.
> Angel blogspot
A well written and meticulously maintained blog by Ajit Balakrishnan about angel investing.

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> Bandwagon
Solely dedicated to funding and counseling seed stage start up companies, this forum has over 120 eager-to-invest executives.
> Funding Universe
Portal connecting entrepreneurs and angel investors; also provides information, resources and a community forum and a blogging platform.
> Networking
A slick exchange forum featuring cutting edge start-up ventures and sharp entrepreneurs.
> Lake view
The Great Lakes Angels' organization is a forum that aims to methodize and mentor angels and help them invest in entrepreneurial companies of the region.
> Investor forum
A consortium of angel investors, this website provides an array of investment opportunities to its accredited members.
> Filmy Funding
A one-of-its-kind forum that invites business plans and proposals from entertainment, films and television. The forum also welcomes accredited investors to join its network.
> Investor round up
Brings together high net worth investment seekers from whom you could source angel capital, seed and early stage capital, start-up capital, venture capital, and first round financing.
> Investors Incorporated
An exhaustive consortium providing assistance to start-up firms and a growing network to aspiring investors. This platform provides member services like investment opportunity matching, private equity events, evaluation and due diligence services.
> Two-way street
A convention assisting entrepreneurs to find funds that will help them build and scale up their business; and at the same time help angel investors to be better informed and educated about the investment process.
> Tech wiz
A Marquette University initiative, this group is a cluster of successful and highly competitive angels operating with technology start ups to institute and develop new businesses.
> American angels
This burgeoning association rounds up close to 265 angel organizations in the United States and Canada to share best practices, network, and help develop data about the field of angel investing.
> Rain check
Find a multi-state network of rain funds that works with angel investors who are interested in supporting growing companies.
> Holler all angels
This Angel Network serves as a medium where angel investors can collectively reach out to technology, manufacturing, and services based ventures seeking funds.
> Funding SOS
A pit-stop for all needs; you could be an investor looking for meaty companies or a bright and budding entrepreneur looking for the funds to support your dreams and you will find it here.
> Directory Assistance
A consolidated funding pool of venture capital, angel capital, angel partners including an angel advisor network of retired as well as active fortune 500 angel investors and executives.
> Funding mall
You can shop for all your investment needs at this store which is committed to filling the gap for seed stage financing. Investors can join the network too.
> Private and confidential
This Network consists of experienced technology entrepreneurs who have monthly meetings to hear select business presentations. Interested parties can subsequently follow up in private.
> Networking online
A forum seeking to connect budding businessmen with prospective angel investors using webcasts, profile matching and online networking.
> Tool kit
This angel investor network comes complete with tools, technology, know-how and guidance so that investors can enjoy risk-free investing.
> Funding conglomeration
A meeting point of experienced investors looking to put their money in right avenues.
> Investor Community
This platform is built with a motive of forming an active investor community to aid, foster and boost the dreams of budding entrepreneurs.
> Capitalizing on a dream
A bank of investment proposals from entrepreneurs that angels can dip their resources into and vice versa.

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> Angel Funding Roster
A succinct database of angel investors ready to play the part of catalyst in your brand new venture.
> Who are angels?
All you need to know about angel investors, where they can be sourced, what they offer, what they expect and a lot more.
> Pros and cons
Think you have the sagacity to sniff out a promising business idea and the money to back it up? Here is an article giving you a ringside view of the upside and downside in becoming an angel investor.
> Angel Tracking
A step by step guide to finding the perfect angel for your dream venture and a handy list of the places you could look for them.
> Google gets involved
Internet biggie Google makes a business statement by jumping on to the Angel funding wagon. Read the company's plan of action here.
> Angel Journal
A blog maintained by Brant Bukowsky for both entrepreneurs and investors that covers the latest news, trends and ideas related to angel investing. The blog also includes links and discussions about other posts on related topics.
> Angel funding fundas
An article on angel funding that includes useful tips and crucial lessons for both investors and entrepreneurs.
> Funding portal
A comprehensive website that contains various articles on angel funding. This portal covers topics from deal sizes to what to watch out for if you are an angel investor.
> Crucial questions
To find out the answers to why it makes sense to get angel investors and what they can bring to the table besides the moolah, read this. In addition, find related articles on angel funding.
> Angel Connoisseur
A hand picked display of angel funding sources from across the globe. Also for your benefit, find tell-all briefs about each one of them.
> Angel in the news
A wholesome portal covering everything from angel investor news, investor profiles, upcoming trends as well as book reviews.
> Not that easy
An article that points out how angel investing is becoming more and more sophisticated and how difficult it is to convince an angel to invest in your venture.
> Start-up manual
An article for budding entrepreneurs explaining the nitty-gritty of angel funding and throwing light on the blind corners of the game.
> Capital chain
Breaking down the funding food chain into smaller, more comprehensible parts and tracing some gaping cracks along the way.
> Angel Truth
Toni Dasgupta gives fascinating insights that makes you look at angel funding in a new light and learn interesting obscure facts.
> Cornerstone principles
Master the key points of angel investing and learn a thing or two from Silicon Valley software executive, Zack Urlocker.
> Women Angels
Get up to speed with the latest developments on women angel investors and learn all there is to know about the trends.
> Reporting Angels
Read this crisp and up-to-date report on the rise in investors who eye start-up projects to pump their capital into.
> Point of view
John Cook highlights the rebirth of angel investors and gives you some good reasons why this is the best time to be an angel.
> Angel bait
Susan Ward gives star tips on how to attract a perfect angel for your dream venture.
> Tracking growth
Learn about the direction of growth of the angel funding market, the existence of latent angels and read up on the latest findings of this arena. Also find links to related articles.
> Australian angels
Track the whereabouts of the Australian angel funding market, the problems it faces and find out what exactly keeps it going.
> Investment Library
Look through an organized catalog of numerous articles on angel funding ranging from funding for women and minorities to how to make a good first impression.
> Glib talk
Find out the secret about building a great rapport with your angel. Find reviews of books dealing with best practices in angel investing and training to become a cutting edge entrepreneur.
> Research mall
A one stop shop for all your research requirements on angel funding and investment options.
> The money game
A hard look at angel investment in the gaming industry. The article includes news; updates and guidelines on how to look attractive to an investor.
> Arizona venture listings
A reservoir of venture capital information including a pool of investors, entrepreneurs, academics, governmental and non-governmental organizations based in Arizona.
> Second Funding
Moveo gets its second round of funding from industry big wigs like GE and IBM and puts its expanding plans in full motion.
> In the spotlight
The fascinating story of angel investor Chris Sacca, a stakeholder in Google's photo site Picassa, who went ahead and invested in its rival- Photobucket.
> The Harvard way
Get classified information on Angel Investors, study their patterns through case studies and master the basic frame work of early stage investing.

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> Actively Angel
An unassuming and committed investor group that reviews over 20 new deals per week and on average makes 5-15 new 'Series A' investments per year.
> Angel house
A group of accredited investors, The Bellingham Angels, are dedicated to providing equity capital to early and mid-stage entrepreneurial companies in the US Pacific Northwest.
> Brainchild
Brain is a band of individual accredited angel investors on a mission to benefit from great financial returns by investing in star companies.
> Building networks
Active Angel Investors (AAI) is a network of recognized investors who offer direction and financial support to early-stage opportunities in the mid-Atlantic region. Entrepreneurs can use this platform to submit their business plans too.
> Company profile
An international private equity firm investing in cutting edge companies; providing them with capital, strategic guidance and access to global operations and markets.
> Forming partnerships
Ariel Savannah Angel Partners (ASAP) is an association of accomplished professionals that assesses and engages with promising companies.
> Investor focus
A thorough profile on Ashish Gupta, an experienced entrepreneur and a discerning angel investor.
> New Mexico angels
A group of angel investors and venture capitalists interested in early stage investment and focused in the US southwest area.
> SME Special
Beer and Partners is an information provider on venture capital and angel investment for promising SME businesses in the UK.
> Making a start
'Start-up Farms International' is a team of entrepreneurs who help you iron out your financial creases.
> Maple Angles
A growing database containing the Canadian angel funding network, this body aims at identifying, financing and guiding bright entrepreneurs; and mentoring aspiring angel investors.
> Team work
A cluster of prominent private investors who provide that much sought-after capital to help build successful companies.
> Tapping potential
Find a handy round-up of individual investors who are actively seeking investments in high-growth companies

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> Angel Bibliography
A consolidated research pool containing handy information on angel funding that includes current articles, citing sources, active angel networks and useful website.
> Finding angels
Information on angel funding corroborated with statistics about the investor- where he invests, how much he invests, his age, what he expects and even the proximity of his investments to his home.
> Brit angels
A report profiling angel investing in the UK and useful information on how to go about being one.
> From the horse's mouth
Veteran angel, Bill Payne's website wherein he gives tips on how to secure an investor for your business plan and perfecting the proposal you make to your prospective investor.
> Funding text book
A composite and detailed report containing the profile of the typical angel investor, the process of angel investing and how to become an investor.
> Angel ABC
Learn the basics of angel funding, know the different types of angels and get a glimpse into the guidelines angels follow while evaluating business plans.
> The Workbook
Study angel investors in all detail along with their drawbacks, the kinds of companies they are appropriate for, their difference from venture capitalists and a whole lot more.
> Wiki this
A collaborative atlas of angel investors and entrepreneurs from the world over.
> Research findings
A Whittemore School of Business and Economics website based on the school's extensive research on early equity financing for high growth ventures.
> Find your angel
An elaborate and exhaustive sampling of financing choices for startup founders.
> The perfect venture
Use this site to find out whether your dream venture deserves the angel investors' attention and get some over the counter counseling on bettering your proposal.
> One day at the fair
Updates from a recently held investor fair in UK and tips on how to reach out for the angel fit for you.
> Mapping New Zealand
A friendly guide from New Zealand that gives you the entire angel funding information from the country.
> Angel FAQs
A part-by-part analysis on understanding angel investors, how to find them, the myths about funding and a look at the finer details of the process.
> Angel communiqué
An extravagant report carrying expert analysis of the angel investing market complete with niche information like market participation and sector analysis.
> Looking for an Angel
This site gives all you entrepreneurs an exhaustive list of sources to take care of your funding needs.
> Angel solutions
Clever tips on finding an angel, right from making a strong case to making connections and how to focus your search.
> Handy plans
A succinct website containing prototype business plans including executive summary, company structure, product or service description and market and industry analysis.

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> The perfect pitch
Entrepreneur and corporate CEO Brendon Calder talks about the sacrosanct dos and don'ts of pitching to entrepreneurs.
> One question please
Pitching to a prospective angel investor can be the most nerve racking affair. Here are a few FAQs and their answers to ease out the process.
> Up close and personal
Get exciting, blow-by-blow accounts on angel investing with this racy video of a panel discussion on the subject.
> Guidelines
Your prep guide to soliciting those few million dollars that would give your dream venture a chance of turning into reality.
> Live link
A library of podcasts on angel investing complete with facts, figures and remarkable anecdotes.
> Blind corners
Get audio inputs from Joe Caruso, coach, mentor and personal advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs on everything you need to know about being an angel investor.
> Power point
A point by point presentation an angel investing, the difference they are making, angel organizations, entrepreneur-friendly communities and a whole lot more.
> Do Not
Now you can't say we didn't warn you. Read this handy note on what not to do while approaching angel investors.
> For your reference
A helpful term sheet on cracking and negotiating deals with investors.
> Training and development
A custom-made training programme on angel investing with tools like business mentoring, information for intermediaries and 'power investing' FAQs.
> The Angel blackboard
Angel experts from around the country get together to design a series of educational programs on angel investing.
> Q & A
Read through an interesting 15 question interview with angel investor, Chris Yeh.
> Angel talk
Angel investors and their stories- including the trials, tribulations and some helpful advice.
> Tip of the Angel iceberg
Ten detailed tips on what you can do to catch the angel's eye.
> All inclusive
This is the right place to find appropriate funding for start up ventures or established businesses. It also carries info on entrepreneurs' challenges and how to get started as an investor.
> Think Tank
Multipurpose support system featuring articles on angel investing and exhaustive information on all issues relating to it.
> Resource Well
Find multifarious resources for angel investors and companies needing angel investment.
> Just click
A directory for angel investors that provides you with all the resources and insights you will need to make investments in early stage companies.
> Surprise visit
Is an angel visiting you? Go here to find out what you will need to be completely prepared and impress him or her.
> Guardian Angel
Get fairy godmother guidance on all there is to know about making investments, crossing that line and becoming an angel investor.
> Video Conferencing
Want to get multiple views and insights on angel investing? View this video of a panel discussion on the topic.

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> How many is too many
A blog tackling the subject of how having many angel investors does not just mean more money; it could also mean complications in the decision making process.
> Blog mania
A blog featuring snappy and news posts covering every little detail from the world of angels.
> Artistic angels
Master these 8 tips and you master the art of raising angel capital.
> Better than the best
A site providing best practices for both angel investors and entrepreneurs. This handy portal also covers investment mechanics, CEO updates, shareholder communications and a lot more.
> Agony aunt
"Should an angel investor invest in friends?"; "What are the appropriate information rights for angel investors?" Read the most relevant and plaguing questions that angels and entrepreneurs have about funding.
> Divine intervention
An informative piece on how angel investors are filling the gap in VC funding. Also, find links to many more posts on the funding situation.
> Bag o' thoughts
A colloquial blog about entrepreneurship, venture capital, parenthood, and the world in general, containing exciting posts like "A new business idea: Funeral services for a doll."
> Blog-a-lot
A must-read blog by Don Dodge that covers extensive angel funding data that will prove useful to anyone even remotely involved with angel funding.
> First person account
A post by David Cohen with an interesting twist; read "The power of fake investing".
> Musings
A collection of blog posts on Podcasting, Media, Software, Technology and Business.
> Blog Library Science
Find an archive of information on angel funding and all the corollaries related to the growing phenomenon.
> Alternate action
Find a parallel approach to investing, in this slick blog about angels and their behavior patterns.
> Practicing Angel
A text book on best practices to follow as thumb rule if you are an angel investor.

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> The Angel Investor
A crisp synopsis of the content that is featured in this week's issue of 'The Angel investor'. Includes a discussion with José Luis Hernández, key founder of Polaris World, an interview with Bruce Macfarlane about why some entrepreneurs fall at the first hurdle and more.
> Book review
Curl up with this friendly book on angel financing, entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneurship and venture capital.
> Early bird
Get to know all you want to about the fundamentals of early stage investing with these grand book suggestions on the topic.
> Booklist
A list of books recommended by the Angel Capital Association on the subject of angel groups and angel funding in general.
> Guided tour
Bill Payne's books on everything such as angel funding strategies, finding and engaging angel investors, picking the right angels and successfully executing your exit strategy.
> Babson Collection
A site featuring Babson College's library featuring articles, books, guides and more on angel investing.
> Handy book
Get the details of an angel investor's guide on the techniques and strategies on how to profit form early stage investing
> Attracting angels
Read this review on Brian E. Hill's book on attracting an angel for your company and then turning capital into commercial success.
> Silence, please!
A fully stacked library on angel investing that comes complete with reviews, price catalogues and summaries.
> Profit from it
A spiffy book by Gerald Benjamin and Joel Marguli that makes sure you profit from angel investing.
> Match Making
A book for entrepreneurs and investors that also talks about how to successfully match start up ventures with start up funds.
> Valuable Advice
'Winning Angels', a book by David Amis and Howard Stevenson containing a bundle of advice from numerous veterans from the world of angel investing.

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